Dieselmotor bei der Instandsetzung

Diesel Engines - Maintenance Services

Our service for all current diesel and gasoline engines as in construction machines, agricultural machinery, emergency generators, ship engines or locomotives:

  • OEM independent service for all current engine types
  • Maintenance depending on the condition of the engine in accordance to ISO 9001:2008
  • ECOS Cylinder-head overhaul / ECOS - replacement head
  • ECOS minor and major engine overhaul on site or at our factory
  • New and exchange engines
  • Overhaul of all engine components
  • Spindling of main bearing supports and milling of cylinder liners including the fitting of L+Z rings in situ world wide
  • Overhaul of ship gears, turbo chargers and injection pumps
  • Delivery of spare and exchange parts
  • Fabrication of friction bearings

Furthermore we can offer you our service in the area of peripheral equipment (engine controls, electronics and hydraulic systems):

Retooling, refitting and optimization of control gears, servo and control systems, engine monitoring etc.


Dieselmotor und seine Einzelteile bei der Instandsetzung

For engines from 3 up to approx. 100 KW see our service range for small engines.

Service range for small engines


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