Crankshaft grinding

Our grinding machines are able to grind crankshafts up to a length of 6.200 (8.000)mm and with an oscillating circuit of 900 (1.750)mm.

Wulf Johannsen can offer you several conventional grinding machines for shafts of different dimensions. Besides the repair of crankshafts (piston rods, generator shafts etc.) we also manufacture small series of shafts acording to your specifications.

Schleifen einer Kurbelwelle in unserem Werk

Inspection of crankshafts:

Even the finest wear and tear can cause extensive damage. Therefore, Wulf Johannsen always uses the “magneto-flux” method to check your crankshafts. The process of magnetizing, treating with a fluorescent liquid and then illuminating with ultraviolet light makes it possible to detect microscopically fine surface cracks.

All works on your crankshaft are documented and approved by a classification society.

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