Herstellung und Überarbeitung von Gleitlagern

Slide Bearings Manufacturing

Being a specialist for crankshafts, Wulf Johannsen’s next logical step was of course to deal with slide bearings as well. For many years Wulf Johannsen has been manufacturing its own slide bearings when special undersize bearings are needed or short notice is given for delivery.

Gleitlager bei der Fertigung

Take a look at our slide bearings service in detail:

Range of applications keyboard_arrow_down
  • Diesel engines
  • Gas engines
  • Reciprocating piston compressors
  • Turbines
  • Gears
  • Other applications
Products keyboard_arrow_down
  • Standard slide bearings for all current engines types and compressor types
  • Slide bearings in special dimension in all specifications (maximum bore: 550 mm / other bores on request)
  • Slide bearings also for older engine types
  • Individual special manufacturing
Types of bearings keyboard_arrow_down
  • Radial bearings
  • Axial bearings
  • Bearing bushings
Material combinations keyboard_arrow_down
  • Steel white metal
  • Steel – lead bronze
  • Steel – lead bronze – white metal
  • Galvanic bearings (steel – lead bronze – galvanic)
  • Aluminium bearings (Steel Aluminium)
Specifications keyboard_arrow_down
  • Plane bearings / radial bearings (main bearings and large end bearings)
  • Flange bearings with running layer on the side / radial-axial bearings (thrust bearings)
  • Bearing bushings
  • Special specifications on request
Manufacturing keyboard_arrow_down
  • According to a design drawing and / or sample
Testing keyboard_arrow_down
  • Quality test and thorough documentation of every slide bearing by qualified staff during manufacture and before dispatch
  • Traceability assured by special markings on the bearings
Further service keyboard_arrow_down
  • Special solutions
  • Line boring of main bearing pockets in our factory or in situ in conjunction with slide bearings manufactured accordingly to fit the customers’ needs

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