As a flexible player in the area of mechanical machining of components (repair and overhaul of different metal components and engine parts) we also produce different products for the machine building business on our high quality machines.

Individual parts and the manufacturing of different kinds of prototypes matches perfectly in this business unit mechanical machining and fabrication.

The required quality is governed and controlled by different certification societies and institutions. Because of this external and independent audit authorities we are sure that we offer you a constant improvement of the expected and agreed quality demands of our products and services.

crankshaft grinding

  • stroke up to 275 mm (350/700 mm)
  • length up to 6.200 mm (8.000 mm)
  • oscillating circuit up to 900 mm (1.750 mm)
  • load up to 6 t (12 t)

grinding (internal)

  • diameter up to 400 mm
  • length up to 500 mm


  • length up to 5.000 mm
  • diameter up to 850 mm


  • stroke up to 1.200 mm (3.000 mm)
  • diameter up to 400 mm (480 mm)
  • min. diameter 80 mm (8 mm)

CNC boring and turning mill / milling machine

  • X-Axis up to 3.500 mm
  • Y-Axis up to 2.000 mm
  • Z-Axis up to 1.250 mm

metal working lathe

  • length up to 4.500 mm
  • diameter up to 800 mm


  • X-Axis up to 800 mm
  • Y-Axis up to 800 mm
  • Z-Axis up to 800 mm

mobile line boring tool

  • length up to 12.000 mm
  • diameter up to 480 mm

metal spraying

  • length up to 2.800 mm (8.000 mm)
  • diameter up to 600 mm (1.000 mm)