Kaltgasspritzen von Komponenten

Metal Spraying

Using the METCO- technology we are able to build up metal on shafts and other components.

Components such as shafts, rotors etc. from different applications can be overhauled in a very economic way using this metal spraying technology. Besides this we are able to build up fit bearings. After the metal spraying process all components are mainly machined to standard size on one of our multitude grinding machines to get a surface as requested.

We can do this metal spraying on components up to a lengths of 2.200mm, max. Ø of the components that we can handle on our machines is 600mm.

Komponenten beim Kaltgasspritzen

Sample Applications:

  • shipbuilding
  • paper industry
  • gravure printing and offset printing
  • all kind of shafts, smooth or rough surface
  • engineering
  • pumps shafts
  • fit bearings
  • other…

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