Small equipment - lasting effect

Wulf Johannsen uses low-pressure cold spraying for reconditioning engine components

The process used by Wulf Johannsen offers the benefits of repairing surface damage sustainably, without loss of time and directly on site. Within a few minutes, local damage to used engine components up to a depth of 10 mm can be repaired. The corresponding area is first cleaned and roughened. The preheated powder is then applied with a spray gun at supersonic speed. The components, mostly ductile metals and oxide ceramics, combine to form a solid layer. As hardly any heat is generated during this process, no waiting time is necessary for cooling or drying, so the corresponding area can be processed further immediately. If damage were to occur again at the same site after prolonged use, the process could be used several times.

For the procedure only powders, a spray gun, compressed air, electricity and an extraction system are needed - therefore a repair can be carried out on site at the customer's premises without any problems. Large components do not have to be dismounted or moved, but are quickly available again in their old shine. Together with the high durability, these time and cost savings represent the major advantages of the method.

Engine block after cold spraying and mechanical processing

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